Foreclip Size
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Side mounted Foreskin Restoration Device

SIZING: Select the correct size by measuring shaft skin length from scar line to where shaft skin begins (base of shaft). The skin should be stretched to get correct size. This should approximately match the end to end device length

The spacer size is the amount of skin that is under tension when wearing the device.

New design provides sleeker device

Use the two clips to grip onto your shaft skin

This works great for underside side tugging and those with 'tight' circumcisions that are missing so much shaft tissue.

Not designed for inner skin usage.

Device must be rotated through different mount points on the skin

Consists of - Stainless Steel, Copolyester, Medical Grade Silicone

Weight: 27 grams

Detachable, replaceable cushions

Discreet shipping (plain package, no references to company or restoration) with a tracking number

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