Currently selling the Foreclip device

Designed for low CI levels and ventral stretching

Foreskin Restoration

Foreskin Restoration is the process of growing skin tissue through mitosis and biological creep.
It is a way for circumcised men to improve the function of their penis.
Those with tighter circumcisions, Coverage Index (CI) -2 and below will receive even more benefits from restoring.
During the process of restoration, the skin becomes more loose and eventually the skin rolls over. This results in dekaratinization, less chafing, no need for lube, and better sex

Coverage Index Examples (NSFW) -


How to use:
1. The Foreclip can be mounted anywhere that is comfortable and below the scarline
2. Avoid clamping directly on large veins (most people can find at least 4 solid spots to mount the device)
3. Once the two clips have grabbed the skin, connect them and set the amount of tension you want
4. Wear the device until uncomfortable (around 1 hour) then move it to a new area of skin to stretch
4. Do this consistently, make sure you have good tension, then one day you will be restored.

* This device is great for ventral side stretching and those with tight circumcisions
* This device is for shaft skin only, not inner skin
* Start slow and don't push your skin beyond its limit. It is a long process

Policies and Privacy

I hope the device helps you in the restoration process. I have built the device to help with my own restoration because other devices did not fit well with my tight circumcision. If you have any issues with the device please contact me by email or through Reddit.

Privacy: Purchasers of the device can be confident that their data is completely protected. In addition, shipping is done with a plain package with no references to restoration or the company.

Terms and Conditions Agreement Disclaimer: By using this website you are agreeing to the terms. Exercise Devices assumes no liabilty for the Foreclip device, it's uses, or the users of it. It is up to the user and their discretion to safely use the device. The device is a tool. Information on this website must be tailored by users to their own situation.